ArtStories invites you into interactive, in-depth explorations of Mia’s highlights and hidden gems—from intriguing details to secret backstories. Zoom in. Dive deep.

ArtStories is a website. It’s available on iPads in the museum’s galleries, and it’s also optimized for your smartphone or computer. Try it on your personal device as you explore the galleries, or from the comfort of home.


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The West African term “Griot” means “wise story-teller.” Griot is the engine behind great digital storytelling.

Griot provides user-friendly methods for crafting stories with multimedia content (images, audio, and video). It includes three tools for (1) authoring/loading content, (2) presenting stories, and (3) tiling & annotating images. Because the software is open source, it is free and may be used by many different types of organizations. In addition, open source enables skilled developers to contribute to the software, enhancing Griot for all who use it.



The idea behind “open source” software is to share useful tools with as few barriers as possible. Since we launched Griot at the Minneapolis Institute of Art it’s been used by museum colleagues in St. Louis and San Francisco.

Left: “Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figural Sculpture” at the de Young in San Francisco

Right: “Navigating the River: George Caleb Bingham and the West” at the St. Louis Art Museum